Conscious Breath with Movement

Dance as Prayer

About Alo La`a

Alo = space  La`a = sacred

Creating Sacred Space in the Body, Mind & Spirit

An offering of ALOHA, in devotion by Pua La`a


In this blessed life, I live/I thrive by cultivating sacred space in the body/mind/spirit; in my home, in my heart, in my thoughts/words/deeds and thru my relationship to the Universe. C Honoring and being in alo la`a, sacred space.

I am:

  • Passionate in dance, yoga, and arts: martial arts, spiritual arts, healing arts, cultural arts, indigenous arts and wisdom.
  • A lover of nature; a tree hugging, organic eating, environmental activist.
  • A gentle hearted and kind soul. A humanitarian, a compassionate empath.
  • A mentor/guide/teacher/protector/loving guardian of innocence and children. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
  • a seeker of Truth, True Nature of Reality, True Nature of Self
  •  a lover of life (1966-present).


life path careers:

  • a professional dancer (1984-present)
  • a yogini (1981-present)
  • a licensed masseuse (1999-present)
  • a Dr. Rolf Method of Structural Integration (2001-present)
  • a single mama (1995-present)
  • a teacher/instructor/director/studio owner (2016 – present)
  • a living breathing ethnochoreology professional student for life

I seek to share the love of health, life, vitality and preservation of sacred space thru conscious breath with movement, with positive intention. My professional livelihood has been in service of what I love, that which I believe in, a humble path of right livelihood according to Bodhisattva Vows taken at a young age. Walking the talk, while living the dream is an honor and a blessing.

I passionately follow my bliss.  I hope that I can aide others to connect to the sacred space within themselves; to create a vibration of love, health and vitality in which they resonate. Align the  body, attune the spirit to amply the resonant and harmonic frequency!


Alo La`a, creating sacred space  to dance, train, practice, share, teach, learn….. a space to gather in prayer, study, a cultivate sacred arts. May it be fruitful, may it be blessed, may all who come thru the door feel peace, joy and equanimity.

The teachings that I am blessed to share are a manifestation of a lifetime of study, practice and training in the arts and lineages that I hold to be sacred.

This is my prayer, CONSCIOUS BREATH WITH MOVEMENT. Dance as prayer, yoga as devotion.

Alo La`a, Danse ARTs Yoga Studio is a space for:

  • Healing Arts

  • Dance Arts : Chinese Classical/Folk dances, Classical Indian Odissi, Middle Eastern Belly dance, Tahitian, Hula, Ballet foundation.

  • Yogic Arts : Asana, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama and Sutra, Eightfold Path of Aśtanga Yoga.

  • Martial Arts : peaceful and artistic presentation of Beijing JingJu, Tai Ji, Qi Gung, Taoist Arts, martial sets, sword play, staff & spear forms.

  • Performance Arts

  •  Arts in Education : Keiki & `Ōpio Youth Programs

  • Cultural Arts of Hawaiì : Mele, Oli, Pule, Hula, Nā Mea Hawaiì

  • Inter-National Cultural Exchange


    Frame Drum lessons, Daughters of the Drum.


    Please join in the opening blessing ceremony of:
Alo Laà ~ Danse Arts Yoga Academie
June 21, 2016 ~ Summer Solstice ~ International Yoga Day.

2 thoughts on “About Alo La`a

  1. Christy Langschmidt says:


    What keiki classes are you currently running?

    1. Alo La`a says:

      I have been working with children in outdoor settings for cultural enrichment program with dance and yoga. Contact me via 8086529642 and I can give you an updated schedule. Mahalo.


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