Daughters of the Drum ~ Kauai Frame drum sister circle.

Daughters of the Drum gather weekly for drum circle in the beautiful and sanctified Alo Laà Studio ~ Danse ARTs Yoga Academie. Intention of learning frame drum techniques, her-story of Goddess culture of Priestess’ and Shamanic hand drum in ancient culture.

Daughters of the Drum
Kauaì `Ohana

Hightened Consciousness thru Pranayama, breath control, meditation, prayer, invocation, and intention and rhythmic beats; Daughters of the Drum practice Entrainment, Trance inducing, elevation of our vibration and harmony in resonanant energy field.

In the tradition of Layne Redmond, author of ‘When the Drummers were Women’; honoring the wisdom knowledge she gathered thru research and experience; connected to modern day teachers of the lineage teacher/friend, Miranda Rondeau; and under the tutelage of wise woman, Alessandra Belloni of the’ Tarantalla Piciza Napolitano. Pua Laà humbly holds sacred space for sisterhood and circle of frame drummers at Alo Laà studio in Hanalei.